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    Career Opportunities

    As the world becomes more and more a global village, career opportunities are opening up like never before, and not just in numbers but also in the types of jobs possible

    ♦ German Teachers :

    Minimum qualification : B2 from Max Muller Bhavan.

    ♦ Translator :

    Many companies require translators to help understand their communication with their counterparts. Jobs can be regular, full time or part-time. There are also many translation agencies which employ personnel having good knowledge of a foreign language. A person can work free-lance after gaining a few years’ experience.

    ♦ Interpreter :

    With the advent of new technology like teleconferencing and video-conferencing, it is now possible to hold conferences and meetings between personnel from India and their counterparts in other countries without having to actually travel between the two countries. Almost always, such meetings require a person with the knowledge of not just the language but also of the manners and etiquette